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Crossing Over- How Counseling Creates Movement

What is it about fearing change that we are willing to allow our lives to grow stagnant, dissatisfying, even toxic. We will keep doing the same destructive behavior, over and over again believing that somehow that pattern is less painful than stepping out, challenging the thoughts that are holding us captive and crossing over into a life lived in freedom and abundance.


The truth is that once we decide we want to see something different in our lives, our relationships, our professions, we often need another’s perspective on how to create that change effectively.  We are creatures of habit and for many of us, our perspective is limited, biased and constantly perpetuating a fear based response to life’s opportunities. 


Whether utilizing the healing power of individual or couples therapy, addressing trauma with Lifespan Integration, or implementing personal or executive coaching strategies, change is possible as you begin to take authorship over your story. The life you desire is within your grasp; just on the other side of old patterned thinking and behaving that is no longer contributing to the life you deserve to experience. It's time to cross over.





"Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” 
- Victor Frankl

Forest Road
Living a Centered Life


So often in this crazy-paced world of never enough, we lose our ability to tune into that still space within. That point within us that is our guiding light, our authentic self, our spirit. We walk around this life disconnected and out of alignment with who we are intended to be in this world.  Fear mandates that we maintain the status quo and day after day we wake up longing for something more.


There is something more, you were created with a purpose that only you can fulfill. God crafted you in love and determined that out of all the moments in time, this moment is when you were designed to have being.  


To live a centered life is to give yourself permission to return to self.  To cultivate the spirit within that is often neglected and align your energy in a way that releases pain, brings healing and produces movement in the direction you desire for your life.  



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