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Centered Couples



Centered Lives offers a seven-session premarital package that will help to create a solid foundation as you embark on this significant life commitment. Couples will have an opportunity to engage in both personal and relational assessments such as Prepare and Enrich, and Gottman Relationship Checkup, which will help to clarify internal desires and expectations prior to the wedding ceremony.  


Laying the groundwork through open communication may prove to be the most significant investment for a lasting, satisfying marriage. The pre-marital package includes six sessions, assessments, and one follow-up session within the first six months of marriage. 

Total cost for the couple: $850



Relationship Counseling


If you have been in a relationship for any length of time, then you are likely familiar with how easily you can get out of sink with your partner.  Even in the strongest of relationships, the focus can shift from caring for the internal experience of your partner to one of self-preservation. This sometimes happens abruptly as life stressors surmount, or it can happen gradually over time; leaving the couple isolated, lonely and feeling hopeless. 


Regardless of how your situation developed, recognizing that your relationship is not operating in the ways you desire is the first step in reclaiming the connection you crave. 

When a couple is stuck in broken patterns of interaction, it is difficult to identify how to create lasting change in this most important of relationships. That is where we come in; relational counseling allows for the fostering of a safe environment to navigate relational pain and barriers to connection. Insights into patterned behavior that allows for increased awareness and the tools to intentionally invest in ways that increase connection, break down walls and invite intimacy back into the relationship. 

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